ARTICLE SUMMARY: When it comes to products and services being hawked on the world wide web there is an awful lot of competition out there. Not only that, but what used to be basically local competition is now become a world wide competition thanks to the internet.

To help you stand out and break away from the pack Nick Lawrence has written “UI/UX Design: The #1 Way to Increase User Engagement” in an effort to help you stand out from the crowd. Some of the suggestions include

  • Make your design crisp, clean and accessible
  • Hijack a users’ expectations
  • Adhere strictly to how must sites operate.

When you have a visitor to your site you have between 50 to 150 milliseconds to grab their attention, not a whole lot of time to get your visitors interested in what you have to offer.

As designers you know the frustration of designing a killer website and having low conversion rates, this just might be the help you need to change that.

This is a great read, like Nick Lawrence says, “If your product doesn’t offer a superior experience, you can bet that at some point you will be beaten out by a competitor’s product/presentation that does.”

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