ARTICLE SUMMARY: All through history there have been new ideas, processes and inventions that has turned the world upside down creating fears and anxiety over what these new things will do to society, businesses and life in general.

Today it is Artificial intelligence (AI) and how fast the world is changing because of it. Nobody realized how fast AI would progress and impact life the way it has, and the scary part is this is just the beginning.

Some of the biggest changes are taking place in the design world and creating a multitude of challenges.

Sensational Transformation: AI’s Journey in Empowering Designers to Redefine Creativity” by Sundarapandian C takes a look at AI and its influence on design and what the future of design will look like. A few topics covered are

  • How AI is being used in design today
  • Potential downsides to AI for designers
  • Why the future of AI for designers is bright

Some of the excitement about AI are the tools and the potential to save designers time and effort, and to help them be more creative.

Some of the drawbacks with the AI tools are they are not yet sophisticated enough to understand the nuances of the design process or generate truly creative ideas.

Another challenge is that there is no single AI tool can do everything a designer needs. Designers often need to piece together different tools in order to complete their work.

The transformation of design through AI showcases a narrative of empowerment, collaboration, and redefinition. By embracing AI as a co-creator, designers are tapping into a wellspring of innovation that has the potential to shape the future of aesthetics, user experiences, and societal interactions.

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve empowering designers to redefine creativity and promising even more sensational transformations on the horizon.

There is a lot of information in this article well worth reading for all, let us know what you think in the comments.