ARTICLE SUMMARY: Early on in our life we are taught the verbal and written word. Thit is our foundation for all our communications in life.

Designers know that a picture is worth a thousand words. We also know that charts, graphs and illustrations can communicate a lot of information at a glance rather than taking a lot of time reading a six page report giving you the same information. Time is money.

The Principles Of Visual Communication” by Elizabeth Lin stresses the importance of Visual Communication and how to develop and get comfortable doing it. She discusses

  • Visual storytelling
  • Setting the foundation
  • What good visuals have in common

Learning how to become a better visual storyteller is all about practice, iteration and developing your intuition so you can create an impactful and effective design that will effectively convey their intended message to your target audience.

Elizabeth Lin recommends practice and sharing your work with friends or peers to see if your message is getting across. Getting feedback early and often will improve your work and ideas. The more you iterate, the faster and better you’ll get in the future.

This is a great article, especially for beginning designers,

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