ARTICLE SUMMARY: As a designer usually at some point in your career you will find yourself working with a group of people commonly referred to as stakeholders.

The old saying “the more the merrier” does not apply here and the word “challenging” could turn out to be more of an understatement.

Shhh: top secret guide to effective stakeholder management” by Michalina Bidzinska deals with the challenges of dealing with stakeholders and gives you insights on how to effectively manage them. Some of the ways suggested to help you include

  • Build trust, be loved
  • Find your voice
  • Build design thinking awareness in your team

As a designer, depending on the amount of stakeholders involved you have a lot on your plate. Not only are you the one knowledgeable enough to approach the problem, you may also have to play referee with the other collaborators at the table in order to arrive at feasible and profitable solution while standing up for your clients and their goals when needed.

Design in general is tough enough when your working alone, but, when you start adding more people into the mix you need a game plan to keep things focused and moving along in a controlled and orderly fashion, This article will help you do that.

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