ARTICLE SuMMARY: You come across a wide variety of clients when you’re designing for the global marketplace. That’s part of the reason design can be an interesting and exciting career choice.

The trouble with such a wide variety of clients is that you will come across the sketchy ones that are less than ethical when it comes to dealing with you and the general public. The key to dealing with these kind of clients is having a plan in place when this type of situation comes along.

How to Handle Ethical Disagreements With Your Design Clients” by Addison Duvall not only gives us a heads up on what to do when you come across a situation your uncomfortable with, but also helps you spot the red flags on the not so obvious attempts to get you to do something unethical. She talks about how to

  • Opt Out
  • Spotting The Red Flags
  • Remembering You’re The Expert

You need to be careful, if unethical activity can be traced back to you in any way, you’ll find yourself with more trouble on your hands than you ever wanted.

Integrity matters. Whether it’s printing, a gas station or design company, every business has a grape vine that bad news and professional gossip travels at the speed of light thanks to the internet. The last thing anyone needs is a tarnished reputation, especially design companies.

It’s a shame an article like this had to be written, but we need to protect our selves and Addison Duvall‘s article will help us do that.

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