ARTICLE SUMMARY: When designing there are a lot of choices a designer faces, and that can be a significant problem. It brings to mind an old adage, to much choice is no good.

You can get overwhelmed by internal distractions, tasks to be done, open/unfinished projects and things we want to do just for ourselves. It’s called “The Paradox of Choice” and can cause some real problems for everyone, not just designers.

Minimalism in UX: the blessing of no choices” by Dimitris Chatzilias looks at his personal experiences and how he came to favor minimalism in his designs. He talks about

  • His imaginary friend
  • Having an epiphany
  • Slowly getting to the point

A big part of the problem is the internet, the choices are so many and available 24/7 that the decision to pick one (the optimal), becomes unmanageably hard. And even when a choice is made, second thoughts and doubts about whether it was the best, linger in the background, slowly consuming brain energy and peace of mind.

Dimitris Chatzilias also lets us know when to shy away from minimalism, not all design is enhanced by it.

This is a great article with a lot of great resources to help you further your understanding with this type of design.

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