ARTICLE SUMMARY: It does not matter what you are designing for, magazines, billboards or websites, your gonna use type.

As designers you can never know enough about type. The old saying, “the more you learn the more you earn applies here.

Type Design Resources” is the ultimate type resource for designers, it covers anything and everything you need to know about type. This is a growing, public, collaborative collection of type design resources. This article has everything from learning the basics to running your own type foundry.

Type is the single most used method of communication. Most people are not aware of this fact because type is usually doing its job by delivering and not distracting from the message. 

Whether you need to know about type faces, kerning tools, character design or starting your own type foundry this article has it all.

The more we learn about type and how to use it the better our designs will be. This is one of the best type resources to have in your design tool box.

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