ARTICLE SUMMARY: Graphic design made it”s appearance around 15,000 BC when the first known visual communications arose.

As man and design progressed lessons were learned and like any business over time basics are formed. Probably not realizing it at the time Leonardo Da Vinci set an example for designers to follow for centuries to come.

What Leonardo Da Vinci Can Teach Us About Web Design” by Frederick O’Brien looks at the life of Leonardo Da Vinci, the writer, painter, sculptor, architect, inventor, scientist, philosopher and the lessons he can teach us today. Some of those lessons include

  • Document Your Thoughts, Ideas, And Work
  • Obsess Over Geometry
  • Think Right-To-Left

When you think of web development and all it encompasses, color, mathematics, accessibility, typography, photography, copywriting, ethics, you realize it inherits many of its most beautiful qualities from old ways.

One of the best lessons we can take away from Leonardo Da Vinci is always explore, never stop learning and never stop moving forward.

Frederick O’Brien encourages us to play with new languages, old languages, frameworks, and libraries. Go down those rabbit holes. Pull on those threads. As da Vinci said of art, so too is true of the web: it can never be finished, only abandoned.

It’s a great and informative article and well worth reading.

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