ARICLE SUMMARY: Design has a long and rich history dateing back to the Stone Age. Whether it’s stick figures on a cave wall or stone age shoes made out of leather, design came into existence without us being cognizant of the term. Design had started just then and has been evolving ever since.

Hiloni Shah‘s “THE ART OF DESIGN: HISTORY, EVOLUTION AND EVERYDAY EXAMPLES” is more than a look back to the origins of design, it’s actually a good look at what constitutes good and bad design.

Art and design have always been at the forefront of non verbal communication. Whether your online purchasing something, a normal day of surfing the net or in a time of emergency, good communication depends on good design. Without design we would probably still be in the Stone Age.

This article is a good overall look at design and a good read, Hiloni Shah concludes her article by stating “Just like a coin has two sides, a product can be good or bad. It depends on the needs of the users and their perspective. Both good and bad design has value attached to it which helps the users in their own way. A product has to evolve as the world evolves.”

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