ARTICLE SUMMARY: It’s that time again, one year ends and another one begins. As always in any business people want to get a leg up and know what’s in and what’s out for the new year. It’s good business to know, especially in design.

The design world is constantly evolving with new trends emerging all the time and the current global turmoil is only accelerating this effect.

The biggest trends in graphic design for 2024, as predicted by the creative industry” is an attempt to look and see what changes could happen in the new year to help designers keep their competitive edge. Some of those trends include

  • Subscription-based agency work
  • The rise of moving type
  • Products and services created by designers for designers

Design trends often emerge and spread through design communities like wildfire.

Following or contributing to these trends can be a source of inspiration for designers and helps to foster a sense of community and shared aesthetics.

While important to note that design trends provide valuable guidance, they are not strict rules. Designers have the freedom to interpret and adapt trends to suit their projects and personal style.

Balancing trendiness with timeless design principles is often key to creating enduring and impactful work.

This is a must read article for any designer looking to stay competitive in the new year.

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