ARTICLE SUMMARY: Art historians have always been at odds when it came to whether or not Raphael painted the Madonna della Rosa (Madonna of the Rose).

Some art historians thought that the figure of Joseph in particular didn’t look like the work of the great Renaissance painter, while others thought the section at the bottom with the rose was also painted by someone else. 

AI finally solves the mystery behind Renaissance painting” is a look at how an AI algorithm appears for the most part to have solved the mystery of who actually painted this great work of art.

Developed by professor Hassan Ugail at the University of Bradford, the AI’s analysis suggests that most of the painting was made by Raphael, and that the lower portion is “mostly likely” to be his work, with only the face of Joseph being painted by a different artist.

This is an interesting article and a great example of the possibilities and benefits AI will present to mankind in the future.

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