ARTICLE SUMMERY: As Lexie Lu points out, “Worldwide spending on advertising is expected to reach over $563 billion this year, representing a 4.4% growth.” That’s a lot of money.

As graphic designers and marketers it is our job to give our clients the most bang for their buck. Not only do clients want top notch design to market their products or services, they will often rely on designers to know the best way to market them.

THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF ADVERTISEMENT AND THEIR PURPOSE” is a great resource in helping you choose the best way to get your clients message out to their targeted audience. Advertising is not a one size fits all and Lexie Lu shows us the various types of advertising at our disposal including,

  • Dynamic Ads
  • Content
  • Billboards
  • Social Media Ads

Thats just to name a few, along with an in depth look at each one.

Lexie Lu concludes her article by telling us “There are many different ways to advertise and reach your audience. Knowing what types of advertisement are available helps you narrow down your efforts and seek the most affordable ways to market to your audience. Try new things from time to time until you find the perfect mix of advertising that works best for your brand.”

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