ARTICLE SUMMARY: Even with the advent of supercomputers the human brain is still a big mystery waiting to be solved. While there are clues to the interworking of how we think it is still a huge mystery and will be for a long time to come.

Building on what we do know about the brain Neurodesign is an emerging field of design practice that accounts for how our brains are wired to create designs that promote simplicity, emote joy, and drive action.

The heuristics of Neurodesign” by Andrés Zapata explains what this is and how it affects the way we design and how to apply it to our design. Some of the items he looks at are

  • Noise
  • Faces
  • Gestalt

Since humans are visually dominant, how we perceive and attend visual stimuli should be particularly interesting to user experience designers.

There is a lot more to this emerging field, and to help you get a better handle on it Andrés has provided links to help you understand and apply what we have learned to our designs.

It’s a great article with a lot to take in and learn.

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