ARTICLE SUMMARY: One of the things about design, any design is that it is always in the state of flux and definitely challenging.

While AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) have been around for years it seems like it is ready to mainstream, especially in the next five years.

Right now AR and VR are pretty much a niche area in design, it may be time to start planning ahead for when these technologies become mainstream.

VR and AR could be the future of UX design” is a look at these two technologies and how they are advancing and what could mean to UX and UI design. Joseph Foley looks into the

  • History of AR and VR
  • Advances made
  • Opportunities for designers

As technological advances are made it pays for designers to keep up with this progress in order to not let opportunities pass us by. It’s that old saying, the more you learn the more you earn, especially in this high tech world.

Joseph Foley closes out this article by telling us, “It’s a fascinating world. It has so many opportunities and we are just at the beginning. So I think it’s not thinking about what you don’t know it’s actually exploring all that you can learn by trying new things, thinking in new ways.”

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