ARTICLE SUMMARY: When it comes to first impressions nothing is more important than your logo. It’s the first thing people see and it better be good.

When designing your logo it is always with the intent that your brand and logo will never go out of style and be universally accepted.

Logo Design trends that never go out of style” by Mimosa Ryan is a look at some of the classic logos and what made them classic, logos like

  • Farm Boy
  • Jack Daniel’s
  • Burberry

Also when creating that future classic logo she reminds us to

  • Keep it strong and simple
  • Choose classic fonts
  • Stick to just two or three colors

These are just a few items in the list to take into account when designing your logo. Clear branding used consistently across the board helps to grow recognition and trust among your audience. It helps boost your brand’s image in the minds of internal and external customers alike.

Mimosa reminds us that it may take a while to zero in on the right logo. Logo design takes time and consideration to brainstorm, research color and font meanings, and more. Most of all, be flexible and try a few things as you go through the process.

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