ARTICLE SUMMARY: It is no longer enough to have the best looking website on the planet, or the best prices under the sun, while that does help, you also need to provide a good customer experience. Without providing a good customer experience it could cost you plenty. A poor customer experience can cost you loyal customers and the customers that are recommended by those loyal customers. Word of mouth carries a lot of weight, positive or negative.

In Lexie Lu’s article “THE IMPORTANCE OF CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE” she gives us a clear plan on how to provide that experience that will help cultivate new customers, keep repeat customers, and gain the coveted personal referrals from our repeat customers that help keep us in business.

  • Know Your User
  • Refine Your UVP
  • Write Service Policies

As Lexie Lu says, “Everything you do as a brand should focus on the impact on your buyers. Everything you do must run through the lens of the importance of customer experience. If it doesn’t stack up to your standards, it must go. With a little attention to detail and a customer-centered attitude, your brand will outpace competitors by huge numbers.”

In this global economy we need to realize looks aren’t everything, we need to do more to keep the customers we have, generate referrals as well as attracting new customers, and a good customer experience is a good place to start.

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