ARTICLE SUMMARY: No matter where you’re going or what you’re doing you are surrounded by typography. Whether your looking at a contract, website, or passing billboards on the side of the road, it’s part of everyday life.

Just as in print, when it comes to building websites topography is one of the top concerns of any designer. Designers know the impact typography can have any design and why they should strive to fully understand it.

The Law of Readability: Designing for Typography” by Incharaprasad delves into Typography in an effort to help you understand and use it more effectively in your designs. Some of the topics covered are

  • The Law of Readability and UX
  • Rules for Typography
  • Difficulties and Limitations

The first historical typeface design that followed typographic principles was Nicolas Jenson’s Roman-style typeface designed in 1470 and Typography has been basically studied ever since.

Typography is more than just words on a page and designers know the power it has in design to make or break any project.

The importance of typography can not be understated, the more you learn the better you will be at designing successful projects on a consistent basis.

5 Reasons Why Typography is Powerful is

  • It attracts and holds the audience’s attention. Used correctly, typography can convey a certain mood or feeling. … 
  • It is reader friendly. … 
  • It establishes an information hierarchy. … 
  • It helps to create harmony. … 
  • It creates and builds recognition.

This article is a great resource to have in your design tool box and a must read for any designer.

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