ARTICLE SUMMERY: Brand reputation are one of the top items that should be on radar of every designer, marketer and business owner, especially in the digital age where all online reviews are at the fingertips of every consumer that owns a tablet, computer or smart phone.

The Ultimate Guide to Online Reputation Management” by Lindsay Pietroluongo is a how to manual on maintaining your reputation and what to do in the event your brand gets hit by negative feedback on social media or worse, your hit by reputation bombs.

Either way, you need to defend your brand and know how to respond to these negative actions that can result in a loss of up to 22% of your customers. Some of the steps recommended to protect your brand are

  • Adopt an Aggressive SEO Strategy
  • Use Reputation Management Software
  • Know What to Monitor for Reputation Management

These are just three of the twelve steps you can take to protect your brand.

One of Lindsay Pietroluongo’s final thoughts on this are “Smart companies know that they have to be open to feedback, even if that means criticism. Transparent communication means letting customers (and even your employees) discuss your brand publicly. You should ask for feedback, address criticism in a public forum and create a private communication channel for customers who’d rather get one-on-one help. This sounds easy, but it’s pretty difficult in practice, especially because it can feel like you’re more vulnerable to judgment. And…you are. But handling that judgment the right way is what can lead to a stellar reputation.”

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