ARTICLE SUMMARY: As designers we solve problems, that’s what we do. Sounds simple enough, right?

When we solve problems we look to create a solution that’s not just good enough, but the best possible solution.

There are only 3 ways to solve a problem” by Eduardo Hernandez talks about the three ways to take care of a problem, you can

  • Resolve
  • Solve
  • Dissolve

While there may be other ways to solve a problem, the goal is always the same, to remove the need for a solution so the problem cannot exist.

Eduardo Hernandez tells us “Solving a problem is a constant process of creating a solution, introducing new problems, and solving those new problems. Yes, design is about solving problems, but design is also one of the few disciplines equipped to take it a step further and dissolve a problem.”

This is a great article for new and seasoned designers alike.

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