ARTICLE SUMMERY: As the CORVID-19 Virus restrictions start to ease up more and more people will be hitting the road and spending less time on the computer or watching television.

As people start heading for their favorite destinations what better way to advertise than the roadside billboard. You have to admit, nothing breaks up a long monotonous ride like an eye catching billboard, or so your client hopes.

Tips for Designing an Effective Billboard” by Lexie Lu is an article to help creatives to capitalize on how to attract America’s newly released quarantined population.

To help you design a billboard that will catch the eye of your target audience and get your message across Lexi Lu suggest the following twelve steps to achieve your goal, starting with

  • Be Single-Minded
  • Use Color to Stand Out
  • Keep Your Typography Bold

Lexi Lu reminds us,”Follow these tips, and you’re guaranteed to have a billboard that’s clear and communicates your message effectively.”

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