ARTICLE SUMMERY: As graphic designers, who better to ask what typeface you should use for a new business or your political campaign. Whether a law office, tattoo parlor or a candidate for political office, there is nobody better than a graphic designer for that kind of advice.

How typefaces influence you” is a study on just how much we are influenced by the fonts we see, surprisingly, even when it comes to political campaigns.

 Katherine Haenschen and Dan Tamul developed the study to see if typefaces can affect your political leanings after Katherine Haenschen observed two different political signs for the same candidate using two differing typefaces in two very different locations.

They found that a typeface will probably not influence your opinion on major candidates, president or senators, because your mind has probably been made up already, but for lesser offices like school board seats or local government posts a typeface choice could change your perception of those people running for those positions.

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