ARTICLE SUMMARY: When it comes to digital products you need to be able to figure out whether your site is doing what it’s supposed to do, or are you going broke. That can be tricky.

Enter UX benchmarking, a process of measuring the user experience of a product against a set of predefined criteria, which can be used to assess the product’s success. Simple, right!?

UX Benchmarking: How to measure product success?” by Iva Buzuk goes into great detail on the types of UX Benchmarking tools available and how they are used. Some of those tools talked about are

  • Quantitative Metrics
  • Qualitative Metrics
  • Specific Metrics

UX benchmarking is a crucial aspect of user experience design and product development. It provides a systematic approach to evaluate and improve the usability and overall experience of a product.

UX Benchmarking will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your product giving you a competitive edge over your competition by enabling you to make informed decisions. It reduces guesswork and ensures that design and development efforts are aligned with actual user needs and behaviors

Iva concludes her article by telling us that “UX benchmarking is a powerful tool for organizations seeking to enhance their products’ user experience systematically. By establishing a baseline and regularly measuring against it, teams can make informed decisions that lead to continuous improvement and better user satisfaction.”

This article is a great resource and should be in the top tray of any designers tool box.

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