ARTICLE SUMMARY: Surveys are nothing more than a snapshot, good for that moment you fill out the questionnaire, outdated the next day. That makes it hard to really get a good grip on what’s going on in the design industry, add COVID to the mix and now you’re adding to the shifting ground of uncertainty. In the old days a snapshot was all you needed for a basic understanding of what was going on in the design world, now you need a more sophisticated approach to to get a better understanding of what’s actually going on.

WANT TO UNDERSTAND THE POWER OF DESIGN? LOOK PAST THE NUMBERS” is an article about the editors of AIAG getting together and putting together a reimagined research initiative that aims to uncover the complexity of what it means to be a designer today, called “Design Point of View (POV)”. It is an ongoing survey that will over the year aim to

  • Uncover the complexities of what it means to be a designer today
  • How design impacts the world at large
  • The impact on the people who are doing the work

This is a great article on how through Design Point of View (POV) and the framework it lays down we will be able to see how design works with the world around it, where design is heading and how it will impact the profession as a whole world wide.

This is an insightful article well worth reading, let us know what you think in the comments.