ARTICLE SUMMARY: You have a project, you have a problem to solve for a client or a particular group of people, what would be your first step? Looking at a problem from your own point of view is not it. It will not solve a thing and I venture to say make the visits to the website short lived.

The first thing you try to do is empathize with your target audience. You try and place yourself in their shoes and look at their problem from their point of view. To help you understand their problem better you need to create an Empathy Map.

WHAT IS EMPATHY MAPPING?” by Daniel Birch is an instruction on

  • Why We Do Empathy Maps
  • When To Create Empathy Maps
  • How To Create Empathy Maps

As Daniel Birch says, “Empathy mapping is what you do when you’re trying to get to know your users. It’s the first thing you do when understanding how your product is solving problems for your target user group. It should be a key part of your UX strategy design.”

This is a great read, let us know what you think in the comments.