ARTICLE SUMMARY:  Branding is tricky business, there’s a lot to consider when you start the process. One of the things to consider is the link between the products we use and our feelings and how we behave in regards to those products. How important are these links?

While marketing doesn’t fully acknowledge these connections, marketers will have you imagine what you could be like if you bought their products. You will jump higher, look better, play sports better, drive safer, all because of their product.

Why Brands Really Matter” by Michael Solomon explores the connection between consumer and brand and the real reasons why we buy the brands we do. He touches on

  • The focus on a product’s functional attributes rather than it’s subjective benefits
  • The modernist view of cause-and-effect of trends on brand ownership
  • The marketers attempt to measure brand equity

Michael Solomon also talks about Brand Resonance and its affect on the consumer and why our possessions really matter. He explains that “a resonant brand gets its hooks into you because it helps you to express some aspect of your identity.” A goal we strive to achieve when designing a new brand or redesigning an old one.

When it comes to branding this article has some good insights that we should think about when branding, let us know what you think in the comments.