ARTICLE SUMMARY: There are not many things that are NOT affected by typography in the world of design, but, our phones, books, street signs, websites and darn near everything else is. Reading is such a part of everyday life that the only time you actually realize you’re reading is when you pick up a book with the intent of reading that specific book for enjoyment, otherwise it’s just second nature.

What Is Typography, And Why Is It Important? A Beginner’s Guide” by Jane Hannah is an extensive look into the world of type and it’s impact on us and what we should really know about type, things like

  • What is typography
  • Why is typography important
  • The different elements of typography

As designers there is very little we design without the use of typography, hence, the more we learn about type and how to use it the more effective our communication skills and powers of persuasion will increase.

When it comes to typography there is no such thing as too much information. Think about all the articles you have read about this subject, Now, think about how many times that you DIDN’T learn something new from any of those articles you’ve read, I am willing to bet that after each article you’ve read that you have walked away with some nugget of useful information.

Whether you’re branding or creating a brochure or building a website, the correct use of typography will help increase the chances of success for any project you are working on.

As a new designer this article is a great resource to have in your toolbox, as a seasoned pro there are times when we might need a refresher to get us back on the typography track and while your at it possibly learn something useful you didn’t know before. Either way this is a great read.

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