ARTICLE SUMMERY: Every election new designs for the candidates come out and blanket front yards, highways, and in this day and age appear all over the internet.

Each campaign design is carefully crafted to spread not just the message “Vote For Me,” but also to convince you that their stand on the issues that are important to you can only be resolved by them and their party.

WHAT ROLE DOES DESIGN PLAY IN ELECTIONS?” by Hsiu Chi Kui – Sam does a deep dive into the branding of political campaigns and the psychology involved in trying to convince people to vote a particular way. A few of the items covered are

  • Party identity for both parties
  • The Purpose of Political Branding and Visual Identity Design
  • Typography and Color Show Personality

Hsiu Chi Kui – Sam also looks at the Taiwanese Elections and how their branding of campaigns are changing with the times.

This article is worth reading for any designer looking to get involved with political design and branding. Let us know what you think in the comments.