ARTICLE SUMMARY: Money is confusing. Unless you go to school for accounting or to become an economist most people don’t know how money works other than we know how to spend or save it.

It does not matter what your station in life is or who you are, money is a major concern. When it comes to the material things in life most people will tell you money comes ahead of whatever is in second place.

To help us understand “money” Alen Faljic wrote “When people say money is free or expensive, what do they mean?” in order to give the designer what they should know about money. Some of the information shared is

  • What is the price of money
  • What are average interest rates? Where are we now?
  • How does the cost of money affect companies?

Whether your a major design firm or a one man operation, knowledge of money and how it works can mean the success or failure of your business.

Money affects your personal life and professional life, this article is a good look at what is the price of money and how that’s relevant to the work of designers.

This is an interesting and informative read, Let us know what you think in the comments.