ARTICLE SUMMARY: You heard it a thousand times growing up, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” In design those are words to live by. Whether your selling a product or service or trying to make a point, planting a positive image in someones mind will help you achieve your goal.

WHY VISUALS ARE THE MOST POWERFUL WAY TO SELL ANYTHING” by Lee Carter discusses how the need for good visuals have become more important than seals of approval from Good Housekeeping or high ratings from J. D. Power and Associates. In today’s on line markets savvy shoppers now rely on Yelp, Amazon or TripAdvisor for their reviews and recommendations. Your success is now in the hands of your customers and not some panel of experts.

In this article Lee Carter tells us

  • Positive visuals helps your message stick with your target audience
  • Visuals can help create a clearer picture that will enhance your message

There are several stories on the success of using good visuals backing this claim as well as examples of failures due to lack of visuals. Lee Carter advises us “When you’re next making a claim, any claim, think about the most vivid image that conveys what you’re trying to get across. Comb your mission and objective statements for theoreticals and transform them into tangibles.” can only help designers get their message noticed more.

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