ARTICLE SUMMARY: Every designer knows the importance of typography in logo design, and “6 TIPS TO HELP YOU CHOOSE THE RIGHT TYPOGRAPHY FOR YOUR LOGO DESIGN is a good resource to help you find the right typography to help your logo stand out in the global market place.

As Renee Fleck points out “Every typeface has its own personality and gives its own impressions. A well-chosen typeface reinforces a brand’s voice and values, while the wrong typeface risks turning away your target audience.”

Some of these tips in this article include

  • Knowing The Basics
  • Think About Your Audience
  • Simpler is Better

Along with these tips there are examples and explanations on why each of these tips will work for you.

Lets face it, as designers we put a lot of time and effort to come up with a winning design for our or our clients logos, the last thing we want is a poor choice in type to kill that winning design. This article is a great read for beginning designers as well as a refresher for experienced designers.

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