ARTICLE SUMMARY: Architect Michael Sorkin recently died from coronavirus, and in a tribute to his beautiful piece “250 Things an Architect should know” Erik D. Kennedy has compiled a list of “100 Thinks a UX/UI Designer Should Know“.

This is a great list to have handy, even just to look at once in a while as a refresher. A few of the items listed are

  • The best patterns for displaying tables on mobile devices
  • Why certain colors clash
  • The appropriate number of characters per line for body text

And the 97 other items we should know is worth a look by all designers. Some obvious, some not so, but just the same a list worth looking at and holding on to.

The nice thing about this list is you can click on each item and expand its answer as to why or how.

This is a great reference to have handy or when you have a few minutes of downtime and looking for something instructive and enlightening to read.

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