ARTICLE SUMMARY: It does not matter if it’s personal or business, rejection hurts and there is no avoiding it.

When our work gets rejected the question of why starts to rattle around in our heads because it bothers us and we need to know why, Not only why, but how to handle it or face a possible loss of confidence in ourselves and our ability to create.

To help us put this issue into perspective Olivia Hoskin has written “How to handle rejection as a creative professional” and tells us that

  • Rejections aren’t always reflective of your talent
  • We should consider where the rejection is coming from
  • Use rejection to become more creative

Because our self-worth as creative professionals is often tied to producing great content and products it makes that rejection sting just that much more.

As designers you would think that we would be used to rejection, it’s part of the business. Sometimes though depending on the situation it can be hard to take.

We are only human and sometimes we need a little help to keep our focus on what we need to do and Olivia Hoskin‘s article does just that.

This is a great article, especially for those just starting out in the design business.

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