ARTICLE SUMMARY: A lot has been said lately about customer value and how important it is to be measuring it.

With the over abundance of information sharing and all the data collection going on we need to know how to use all that data and put it to work for us. One of the best ways of using all that information is measuring customer value.

Are you measuring customer value?” by Helge Tennø helps us to understand customer value and why it is so important. Some of the topics covered here are

  • What is customer value
  • How do you find measurable customer value
  • Customer value is contextual

When it comes to marketing and design it pays to know the four types of customer value and more importantly how to come up with a customer value strategy that will meet your needs.

As Helge Tennø says, “We need to use the sophistication to make the complex manageable, to capture the richness of the insights in ways that help us understand, learn and make better decisions to the benefit of both the customer and the business.”

Once you have a clear understanding you will be able to more effectively reach and hold your target audience.

This is a soup to nuts article that will do well for any designer/marketer to read.

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