ARTICLE SUMMARY: As the beginning of a new year approaches we need to look forward and see where design trends are heading in an attempt to stay relevant in the design marketplace.

This time of year it’s important for us to plan our future goals and how we will achieve them, and what better way than to take a look at what people with this kind of experience have to say.

2023 UX/UI Design Trends” by Thalion is a look at what he feels will be the leading trends of 2023 and why he thinks that will be. A few of trends mentioned are

  • No-code — battle of titans
  • Design for Decentralization
  • AI-driven design

Thalion talks about how he fared with the predictions he made last year to give you an idea of his accuracy.

With design always in the state of flux we do need to stay on top of all the trends if we are going to be successful. It pays to listen to the voices of experience.

Thalion concludes his article by saying, “Let’s be honest. No one can predict the future. However, we may deduct some things based on present findings. I strongly believe that many of these things will have their time soon. It’s good to be prepared!”

This is an insightful article that is well worth reading.

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