ARTICLE SUMMARY: As concerns for the planet grows, green technologies are now at the forefront of today’s innovations for sustainability and a healthier planet.

Part of those innovations coming will be in the form of thin-film device technologies that rely on alternative semiconductor materials, such as printable organics, nanocarbon allotropes and metal oxides that could contribute to a more economically and environmentally sustainable internet of things (IoT).

A greener internet of things with no wires attached” sheds a light on how this technology will have a major impact on daily life across many industries as it connects and facilitates data exchange between a multitude of smart objects of various shapes and sizes. Some of those objects include

  • Home security systems
  • Self-driving cars
  • Temperature-controlled factory equipment

Over the next decade this will reach trillions of devices and doing away with the use of batteries that continually need replacing. Also, the current global production of lithium for battery materials may not keep up with the increasing energy demand from the swelling number of sensors.

This article is a good look at the internet of things (IoT) and the coming innovations and how it will impact our lives and our environment.

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