ARTICLE SUMMARY: There is no question, when it comes to branding it goes together with user experience (UX) hand in glove, the better the user experience (UX) the better the conversion rate.

By understanding the relationship between UX and branding you will be able to give your target audience a relevant and meaningful experience.

Designing for brand integrity: how to integrate branding into UX” by Florencia Ezcurra will help you merge these two fields to give you a product with a powerful, consistent brand identity that also provides a seamless and delightful user experience. In this article Florencia helps you

  • Understanding your brand
  • Integrate branding into your UX design process

The goal here is to create user trust and credibility, to communicate that your organization is dependable and trustworthy and worthy of your target audience’s loyalty.

When you design for brand integrity you help distinguish a product from its rivals and make it more memorable to users.

In this article Florencia gives you several examples of brand-UX integration and why it worked for these large companies and will work for you.

Florencia concludes by telling us that “You can design for brand integrity and build a product that connects with your consumers by understanding your brand and target audience, developing brand rules and design principles, and embedding branding components into your product’s visual design and language.”

Whether your a seasoned or new designer this article is worth reading.

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