ARTICLE SUMMARY: There are a few times in history that innovations came along and changed our perception of, and how we do things. Moveable type, electricity, telephone, cars and computers have all changed our lives in many ways.

Art and how it is created is no different.

Aaron Hertzmann’s articleWhen Machines Change Art,” does a deep dive into past technologies to see if the effect from back then is a relevant comparison for today’s “AI” art. Some of the main points he touches on are

  • Computers are not artists
  • Identifying the real risks to their livelihoods and professional identities
  • This is a work-in-progress

When change happens in any business it’s amazing how that change or innovation is looked at that it’s either going to improve everything or ruin everything.

There are a lot of examples in this article that are relevant to the discussion of AI’s impact on art from a historical viewpoint that is well worth reading whether your an artist or designer.

Aaron Hertzmann concludes this article by reminding us “Regardless, art is social, it is about connection between humans, and computers can never replace human authorship. The questions are how authorship is expressed, and how ownership and control shift.”

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