ARTICLE SUMMARY: You’re a designer that’s been around for a while, then, all of a sudden you realize your portfolio is starting to look like your designs are all the same thing with just some minor differences. That’s what happens when you find your niche, after a while it turns into a rut your finding hard to get out of.

You realize you need to add new dimension to your work and break out of that mold you’ve created for yourself. No designer wants to be known as a one trick pony, you’re a creative.

In an effort to help us climb out of that rut we’ve made Tom May wrote “6 FOOLPROOF WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR GRAPHIC DESIGN SKILLS“. Some of these suggestions made are

  • Study design theory
  • Start a side project, something out of your comfort zone
  • Talk to other designers

It’s easy to fall into that rut. You’re a successful designer with a winning strategy for success, you get comfortable and before you know it your creativity has diminished due to lack of variety.

Sometimes the “same ole same ole” is not a good thing. As designers we know we need to keep things fresh in order to do our best at problem solving for ourselves and our clients.

This article is an ounce of prevention for the new designer and a help for the seasoned designer to keep us moving forward instead of running in place. This is a great read.

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