ARTICLE SUMMARY: The importance of type in our design cannot be understated. What is equally important is making your website “Typeface Accessible”.

When designing websites it is in our best interest to design in a way that gives access to all people. We need to take into account people with poor vision, learning disabilities, aphasia, dyslexia or low adult literacy.

A GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING WHAT MAKES A TYPEFACE ACCESSIBLE” by Gareth Ford Williams not only explains what exactly “Typeface Accessible” is but also a great guide on how to achieve making your websites “Typeface Accessible” for those who need it, Among the steps to achieve this are

  • Using a Typeface that is Appropriate to Your Audience and The Organisation’s Brand
  • Ensure there is no Mirroring.
  • Avoiding Imposter Letter Shapes that are Designed to be Very Similar to Other Letter Shapes

There are many more tips in this article that will help you choose a font that will not exclude, nor slow down the reading speed of any website visitor, including those with blindness, vision loss, and reading disorders.

As designers it is our responsibility to insure access for all, not only is it the right thing to do, it’s just good business.

With the content and links provided by Gareth Ford Williams this is a great resource for all designers.

This article is well worth reading, let us know what you think in the comments.