ARTICLE SUMMARY: In life there are principles for everything.

Principles guide us with a fundamental truth that we use to help us achieve a goal that we are striving for. Whether in life or business, thoughts and methods may change but the principles remain the same.

SOME DESIGN PRINCIPLES ARE UNIVERSAL” by Jake Dragash is a good look at design principles we need to pay attention to in order to give our best to ourselves and our clients no matter what the project. Some of those principles covered are

  • Proximity
  • Performance Load
  • Iteration

Jake Dragash discusses how designers William Lidwell, Kritina Holden, and Jill Butler with their excellent reference book Universal Principles of Design has given guidance for almost every design situation you will come across.

As Jake Dragash says “The classic reference book Universal Principles of Design has plenty of time-proven concepts that can teach you all about the practice of good design”. As design references go this is one book to have on your shelf just in case.

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