ARTICLE SUMMARY: As accessibility becomes more and more a consideration in design one of the big items designers need to pay attention to is captions and subtitles.

There is more to this than just throwing up words on a screen and thinking you’re done with it. You need to think of what and how these subtitles are being used.

In Gareth Ford Williams’ article “A GUIDE TO THE VISUAL LANGUAGE OF CLOSED CAPTIONS AND SUBTITLES” he discusses how subtitles are used for

  • Improved Accessibility
  • Language Interpretation
  • Help Reading Comprehension

As designers are creating more and more with accessibility in mind we need to pay attention to the guidelines in order to create effective websites that serves all our visitors. One of the big benefits to using captions and subtitles is the increase ROI and audience for media creators. There are more benefits throughout the article.

What is also good is that Gareth Ford Williams has compiled a list of resources to help you understand and how to use them.

This article is well worth reading, please let us know what you think in the comments.