ARTICLE SUMMARY: There is so much color around us that we don’t think about it, it’s just there and taken for granted.

Designers know that any successful design is built on the foundation of color. To work in color without the right tools, strategy and a good understanding of color is a challenge to say the least.

In “THE GRAPHIC DESIGNER’S GUIDE TO MASTERING COLOR” by Renee Fleck she gives you the foundation to help you on the road to mastering the use of color and the theory behind it all. She discusses in great detail

  • Learning the basics of color theory
  • Color profiles
  • The Psychology of color

And that’s just the start.

Mastering color is an art that is not learned overnight. It takes time, patience and above all a good understanding of how color actually affects the people who look at your designs. You need to know how to use color to influence the actions of the visitors to your website. Without a thorough understanding of color you diminish the chances of success in whatever you’re designing for.

This is a great resource to have close at hand, especially if you’re new to the design world.

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