ARTICLE SUMMARY: A man wakes deep in the woods, halfway through life. Far from home, unpermitted to return, his heart pierced by grief. He has strayed from the path. It’s a dark night of the soul, his crisis so great that death becomes a tempting end. And then, as wild beasts advance upon this easy prey, his prayers are answered. A guide appears, promising to show him the way toward paradise.

September 14, 1321 marks the death of Dante Alighieri, the Florentine poet that wrote “The Divine Comedy”.

Dante Alighieri‘s impact on literature was massive and set the landscape for all poetry to come. He is also credited for possibly having even laid cultural groundwork for the unification of Italy.

What is amazing is the affect his work has had on artist over the last seven hundred years and the different styles used to artistically interpret “The Divine Comedy”.

700 YEARS OF DANTE’S DIVINE COMEDY IN ART” is a good example of how a great work of art can inspire generations of not just writers, but also artist and possibly designers to achieve this level of greatness in their creative life.

As designers we look for inspiration anywhere we can find it, and what better place to look to than the masters of old.

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