ARTICLE SUMMARY: It’s amazing how fast designers are starting to use AI tools to help in their creative process.

Once designers start to truly understand AI and the potential creative assistance it has to offer, only then will its true value be realized.

Despite the advances in AI there is still a noticeable gap that has emerged between the current AI offerings and the demands of deep design thinking.

AI can create more than just new pixels for designers” examines some of the things designers should be looking at when it comes to their creative process and AI, things like

  • Some primary gaps between existing tools and a designer’s needs
  • Opportunities for AI-enabled design support tools
  • Think of AI as augmented intelligence

AI has the potential to revolutionize the field of design by automating routine tasks, providing creative inspiration, and enhancing collaboration.

While AI is a powerful tool, it is important for designers to maintain a balance and use AI as a complement to their creativity, allowing them to leverage the strengths of both human intuition and machine intelligence.

We need to stay informed about AI in design so professionals can not only keep their skills current but also contribute to the positive impact of AI on the design industry while navigating potential challenges and ethical considerations.

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