ARTICLE SUMMARY: The idea of design tokens started with Salesforce’s Design System in 2014. They are the smallest but most important part of any design system.

Design tokens are the building blocks of your design language, making sure your brand looks the same across all platforms.

The importance of naming design tokens can not be overstated, it is an art that requires a balance between clarity, conciseness, and consistency..

Naming design tokens: the art of clarity and consistency” by Zara Soltani discusses the importance of how you name your tokens and also gives you a guide to follow. Part of this discussion includes

  • Why Naming Design Tokens Matters
  • Design Token Naming Patterns
  • Design Token Naming Principles

By learning these principles you will increase the usability and maintainability of your design system with the added bonus of creating greater communication and collaboration between design and development teams. 

In summary, naming design tokens is a fundamental aspect of design system governance. It ensures clarity, consistency, and efficiency throughout the design and development process, contributing to the success of a project and the long-term sustainability of a design system.

This is a great article for all designers.

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