ARTICLE SUMMARY: Children are our most valuable resource. There is a lot of stuff on the internet that is just a click away, news, games, and a host of other things that we need to be mindful of when it comes to our children and their internet use.

And while all these digital products are user-centric, how often are they designed keeping the children in mind?

Designing child-safe digital products is crucial to ensure a positive and secure online experience for our young users.

Designing child-safe digital products effectively” is a deep dive into the considerations we should be aware of when designing for children. Some of those considerations include

  • Ensuring equal digital access for all children, across diverse needs
  • Keeping children’s best interests at the heart of your design process
  • Questions to ask yourself while designing for it

We should be seeking input from child development experts, educators, and parents so we can further enhance the child-friendliness of our digital products.

We should strive for designs that are free of harmful communication, avoid forms of exclusion, make it monetarily accessible, and reflect multiple identities within the product.

This article is a good read for all designers.

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