ARTICLE SUMMARY: From school comes smarts, but from age comes wisdom. It pays to listen to the people of experience who have both. Building a worthy design career involves a combination of skills, mindset, and continuous learning.

The insights you can glean from these people can help you avoid some of the pitfalls they have encountered on their road to success. It pays to learn from others mistakes.

Dan Mall’s 10 principles for a worthy design career” is the voice of experience that has come up with principles to build a rewarding and satisfying career that you will be proud of. Some of those principles include

  • Identify worthy goals
  • Begin with the ending in mind
  • Always be ready for the next worthy bet

A worthy design career is not just about creating visually appealing work, but also about making a positive impact, solving problems, and leaving a mark on the world through your designs.

Dan Mall ends his article by talking about how a few years back he came across a piece of advice that made him rethink how he approached his life and work. The idea was to view each day as a chapter in a story. If a day ended on a sour note, it doesn’t mean the story is ruined. Instead, it’s merely a plot twist. You can always add a fresh chapter the next day, changing the course of the narrative. You can add new chapters to your story anytime, making it richer and more nuanced. The story never ends; it just evolves. So, always be ready to write the next chapter. That’s a worthy bet.

This is a very inspirational article that is well worth reading by all designers, not just the newbies,

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