ARTICLE SUMMARY: Thanks to technology the science of branding and marketing have come a long way from billboards, print ads and television commercials and figuring out what consumers really think, like and want.

The neuroscience of branding is a multidisciplinary field that combines principles from neuroscience, psychology, and marketing to understand how the brain processes and responds to brand-related stimuli.

It aims to uncover the underlying cognitive and emotional mechanisms that influence consumer perceptions, preferences, and decisions related to brands.

The Neuroscience of Branding” by Daniel Borg looks at how big an influence neuroscience can have in design in our efforts to reach potential customers. He looks at

  • What is Neuroscience
  • Neuromarketing Techniques
  • How can this be used in Graphic Design and Branding?

Knowing that up to 95% of behavior is in some way driven by non-conscious processes, neuroscientists look at how consumers unconsciously perceive brands and other marketing related stimuli.

The neuroscience of branding provides valuable insights into how the brain processes and responds to brand-related stimuli. By leveraging these insights, marketers can create more effective branding strategies that resonate with consumers on a deeper level.

This article well written and worth the read.

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