ARTICLE SUMMARY: We know they are out there, the less than reputable people on line taking advantage of a situation or just not following the rules.

If your looking for free fonts for business or advertising there are complications that can happen due to some “free” fonts that are nothing more than samples offering limited characters, and possibly missing punctuations and other symbols.

How a font website dishonestly earns money” is an examination of Fontesk’s deceptive font distribution practices and how type designers can safeguard their typographic creations from exploitation. This article will explain

  • What makes fonts commercial-free and open-source
  • Is Fontesk at fault?
  • The bigger issue

This article has suggestions for designers on how to protect their fonts in this ongoing challenge. In cases like these it’s crucial for artists of all backgrounds, whether established or emerging, to continue supporting one another by exposing and taking action against unscrupulous websites that seek to profit from illicit means.

It’s also important for users to be cautious when using font websites and to verify the legitimacy of the sources from which they download fonts. Reputable font websites will typically have clear licensing information, provide proper attribution to font designers, and not engage in deceptive practices. If you suspect a font website is behaving dishonestly, it’s best to avoid it and seek fonts from trusted sources.

This is a must read article for new and seasoned designers alike.

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