ARTICLE SUMMARY: As design evolves to Growth Design designers need to evolve with it or risk being left behind. In this time of economic uncertainty designers need to make customers happy and help their business grow, no easy task.

We need to transition from UX (User Experience) to Growth Design, shifting our focus towards driving user acquisition, engagement, and retention, ultimately aiming to grow the user base and revenue.

From UX to Growth Design: 5 principles to multiply your value” by Kate Syuma looks at why designers need to level up to Growth Design and gives you a road map on how to do it. A few of the steps she suggest are to

  • Start with data and know your hypothesis
  • Fail forward to learning better: 90% of assumptions are wrong
  • Measure your design success with business impact

It pays for designers to give a serious look at Growth Design, Kate tells us “This year showed us that Growth Design is a highly demanding discipline. Companies want to find a person who can multiply the success of the business, and achieve with limited resources a bigger impact, and you can find hundreds of open positions for that job.”

By embracing these principles and applying them in your practice as a Growth Designer, you can effectively multiply your value by driving sustainable business growth while also delivering exceptional user experiences.

This article is a must read for all designers.

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